Saturday, August 9, 2014

So update/what has been happening

Well if you are on here on a normal basis you might have noticed that i haven't been posting as much as i used to its for one i have a day job now and that takes up alot of my time so thats why half the time my videos dont have annotations on cause i usually upload the videos go shower cool down and then get ready for bed thats basically my life now so im sorry its just life right its not like i make money on these youtube videos anyways since im sure im not funny or entertaining but whatever at least i enjoy playing the games and now talking over them even though sometimes its just me yelling fuck a thousand times haha.
  Also another reason there hasn't been any videos is cause YouTube is broken for me, i have been trying to post my videos for the past few days and it keeps getting errors and its not only me it seems its a lot of nobody youtubers so im wondering if there trying to get rid of us haha but so yeah until shit gets fixed videos are on hiatus. so dont be blaming me for not posting i have been trying haha

alright well thats the end of the youtube stuff now on just random rants or just get shit off my chest or just stuff that has happened.
  so a few weeks ago i was in my friends wedding which i was kind of like man i don't want to do this but after it started going i fucking enjoyed myself it was mostly cause of seeing old friends and meeting new ones it was a fucking blast i enjoyed every min of it. hell i even left with having a crush on someone and talking myself out of actually asking her out cause i felt i am to much of a piece of shit to go out with her haha. yeah i know i need to have more self confidence but i mean i think it is true sadly but then again i think that about any girl i like truthfully but i think i only think like that cause i have been jobless for a long time and i don't have a good car for doing anything haha, and yes i know that doesn't matter but i feel like it would help me in the confidence area haha but whatever that's the way i role apparently haha

Lets see what else has been going on i did mention i got a job which is cool i make some decent money now so hopefully i can get a car soon and then maybe i can get that confidence to ask one of the girls i like out haha, i also got some new glasses which cost me 200 bucks which sucked and its not even fancy fucking glasses they were from walmart the damn test cost me 60 bucks? and i have medical insurance and it didnt help at all, i remember when i was younger that our medical insurance would pay for my eye exam and glasses but this obamacare stuff sucks ass its good for like pulling a tooth out or small medical things but apparently they don't help for fucking seeing which is pretty important i would think. but lucky me i had money so i was able to get my cheap/expensive glasses. i mean i went to the cheap section for the frame and then the lady is like oh so the cheapest lens are fucking 110 bucks im like fuck me in the ass haha oh well at least i can see better now.

Well i cant think of anything else at the moment, i might try to do these more often writing random shit its nice to just type out feeling haha well until next time see yeah

- Jon Bohn

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lets Play | Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Story) Part 5

So i haven't been promoting my gameplay videos on and social networks
lately cause i been tired and busy but i will just post this one video
and also a link to my channel if anyone wants to check it out please do